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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Last nights final lesson of the year was a two and a half hour discussion on Knife fighting training and in particular the Karambit knife it’s training legality and use

On training we agreed that the guys in this video were setting themselves up for a lifetime in jail going for mutilating cuts even in self defence the law is very strict in the UK the chances of being shot or pulled up with a Gun are very slim but not unheard of. The chances of bring stabbed are a lot higher, a mother of six in my town was stabbed in her own home last year I do not think they have the culprit of the murder she died later in hospital. 

We were discussing that training to cut peoples throats and death cuts seems to be ok when using practice knives but I pointed out you get what you train for.

I have said before on here the more trained and more professional you are the less harm you do to your opponent!

It is the amateurs that use more force than necessarily and panic and have little mental control. 

There are many US police videos of so called professional police “losing it” in the  line of duty. And these people are supposed to be trained! So you can see how an ordinarily person with a hand full of hours training as in this video (he even says that!) will cope in a real situation.

We agreed the practice version would be enough to do the job in the right hands and we also agreed that mutilating someone in any way would not be seen as “Reasonable Force” in any Court of law. It is one thing to try to prove you was attacked it will be a lot more difficult you are unharmed and the so-called attacker has 200 stitches in his arm or worse.


If he has a knife then your battle begins in Court but if he is unarmed and you do that? Even if the Presumed that he was armed and then turned out not to be armed! Then you are in very deep water.

This is a big problem and I welcome opinions.

the training version good enough for the job? 


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